As the COVID-19 statistics pile up in India, it’s easy to feel insignificant in the crisis. But it’s just as easy to take one small step. One act of kindness multiplied by a billion changes a billion lives. Watch this video to find out more! Join Chinmaya Mission in turning the tide for India.

To introduce the #EachOneReachOne initiative, here is a short video:

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At this moment in time, we stand at an environmental precipice. There are signs
everywhere of an angry planet — devastating fires, raging storms, and powerful
avalanches leaving in their wake distressing loss of life. Mother Earth might go
along with being harnessed for a bit but clearly won’t tolerate disrespect.
Can we, as the reigning species of the earth, adapt this time around, too? Seen from the lens of a Hollywood plotline, it would seem there is an urgent need
for that fearless, selfless, noble hero to jump in and do the saving. But can big
screen fiction become real? At Mananam, we think it’s possible.
Indeed, we nominate YOU to be our superhero! Yes, YOU!  

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  • Due to COVID all classes were online in 2020-21. We are hoping to start in person Fall 2021.
  • New at CMA - Shishu Vihar for kids 2-4 yr old.
  • Registration for Fall 2021 is Open now! Classes will be held in 2 sessions: 10:15am and 12:30pm on Sundays.

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