Give it to Gurukul Campaign!

Please contribute whatever you can! And be part of our effort to give “Maximum happiness, to Maximum people for the Maximum time”!  Hari OM!
Click to Donate: Ways to Donate:
    1. Donate using PayPal or your Credit/Debit card
    2. Donate using Zelle
    3. Check payable to “CMA”
    4. Donate through Stocks More info here
Note: Donations are tax deductible in the US to the extent permissible by law. You will receive a confirmation once you complete your pledge. Reminder – Do check your Company’s donation matching program.
*Installments for donations: We are open to installment payments for donations >2k. Please pledge your donation amount online and do the first installment payment. Then share your preference (#years & amount per installment) with us.
Click here for flyer with our Ashram expansion details and honorary donation options.

Donation Amount Options:

1. Choose a flat donation amount that you are comfortable with.
We thank you from the bottom of our heart. Every cent of your generous donation will be put to use for a great cause!
2. Be a Dharma Rakshaka – Protect the tree of Sanatana Dharma
Your name will be engraved on the Dharma tree leaf, flower or fruit that you choose to donate. The Dharma tree will adorn the foyer of our new ashram.
  • Donate an evergreen leaf of Selfless Service – $2000
  • Donate a fragrant flower of Bhakti – $4000
  • Donate a ripe fruit of Jnana – $6000
Click here to know more about this option:
3. Be a Dharma Sthapaka – Donate an area of the ashram, Lay the foundation for the future generations.
Your name will be engraved on a plaque in the foyer and on the website.
  • Donate a Classroom – $10,000
  • Vatika (Garden) – $10,000
  • Gazebo – $15,000
  • Bookstore – $20,000
  • Playground – $20,000
  • Annakshetra – $25,000
  • Auditorium – $50,000
Click here to know more about this option:
Click here to Donate your chosen option
If you have any questions regarding donations please contact Pranitha Rao at or 630-926-2956. Thank you for your Generosity!  And we hope you can light up more giving hearts!

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