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Donation Match Program

CMA registered in the donation match program at Verizon, Equifax, HP, Shell,,ADP & Microsoft.
CMA has been registered in companies as non profit organization to receive donations in the employee gift matching program. If you work for Verizon, HP, Microsoft or Equifax, please definitely take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.
If you work in other companies that have a company match program, please register CMA as a charity to receive donations.

Kroger Community Rewards

Sign up for Kroger Community Rewards to help CMA while shopping at Kroger.
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Let’s build our Ashram (“Chinmaya Gurukul”) together!!!

Pledge an amount to CMA


  • Tax Benefit* ~$90
  • Contribute monthly or annually

Annual Pledge of $1000+

  • Complimentary invite to CMA fundraising events
  • Complimentary invite to CMA fundraising events
  • Tax benefit* ~$250
  • Out of pocket ~$625/Year
  • Consider pledge for 5 years, pay each year

Annual Pledge of $2000+

  • All benefits of $1000 (see above)
  • Waiver of Balavihar fees
  • Tax benefit ~$500
  • Out of pocket ~$850

$5000 Donation

  • All $2000 donation benefits(see above)
  • Name prominently displayed in Ashram as valuable patron
  • 4-6 VIP level invites to CMA Mega-Show for one year

$10000 Donation

  • Dedicated classroom at the ashram
  • Lifetime CMA membership
If you have any questions regarding this, please contact Darshan Shah at: