Sessions conducted by Sivaji and Sushmaji

Sundays10:00 -11:00 amBhagavad Gita Ch 5 & Vishnu SahasranamaonlineSushmaji
Sundays12:00 -1:00 pmBhagavad Gita Ch 5 & Vishnu SahasranamaonlineSivaji
Tuesdays7:00 -8:00 pmVedic chanting – In this online class, Sushmaji teaches the correct way to chant the stotrams, suktams and mantras from our Vedas.onlineSushmaji
Wednesdays10:00-11:30 amDevi class – an absolute must attend class for stay at home
parents or if you work from home. Sushmaji teaches in depth the deeper meaning of the powerful Devi Mahatmyam/Durga Saptashati/Chandi Paath.We also chant Saundarya Lahiri (a very powerful hymn to Goddess Parvati) composed by Adi Shankaracharyaji,  and Lalitha Sahasranamam.
Wednesdays8-9 pmBhagavad Gita Ch 4 – it is an online session conducted by Sushmaji.onlineSushmaji
Fridays8- 9 pmNarayaneeyam class – In this class Sushmaji explains how to chant Narayaneeyam and explains in depth the meaning of the shlokas. Narayaneeyam is a text composed by Narayana Bhattathiri in front of the Lord at the temple of Guruvayur – in the form of direct conversation with the Lord.


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Saturdays8:00 – 9:00 amVedantic Meditation – Talks by SivajiOnlineSivaji
Saturdays5:30-6:30 pmTalk on Vivekachoodamani – An introductory text to Vedanta, helps to build the foundation for further in depth study of Vedanta. Sushmaji conducts this class in the ashram.OnlineSushmaji

Upcoming events

Last Day of Bala Vihar / Picnic

May 22 @ 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

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  • CMA Bala Vihar classes are going in-person starting Feb 6th 2022 after being online since March 2020. We will follow all safety guidelines.
  • Please see the Newsletter for complete details.
  • Classes will be held in 2 sessions: 10-11am and 12-1pm on Sundays at SFMS.
  • Marietta Location continues to be online for now.

In-person & Online classes for Adults :

Enrich yourself, take advantage of the sessions conducted by Sivaji and Sushmaji throughout the week. Read more

Enrich yourself, take advantage of the sessions conducted by Sevaks  throughout the week. Read more

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